Immigration Medical

If you require an appointment with a panel physician as part of your process of immigrating to New Zealand, fill in the below Immigration Medical form along with a copy of your passport and we will contact you with an appointment time. Alternatively, you can come into the Medical Centre with your passport to book an appointment.

Clinics are held on a Tuesday morning.

Please note that a $100 deposit is required upon booking appointment.

If booking is cancelled after confirmation of booking is issued an admin fee of $50.00 will be deducted from your deposit.

Prior to your appointment, you need to complete our Immigration Medical Form below.

The Immigration Clinic will be closed during the holiday season, from Tuesday 12th December 2023 and resuming services on Tuesday 16th January 2024.

General Medical

15 Years and Older$250
Medical Examination
Appointment with Nurse/PCA & Doctor
eMedical Submission
*Note: For Chest X-ray & Blood test you will be referred to get this completed off-site.

Limited Medical

15 Years and Older$175
Appointment with Nurse/PCA & Doctor
Referral for Chest X-ray & Blood test
eMedical Submission
*Note: For Chest X-ray you will be referred to get this completed off-site.

General or Limited Medical

Under 15 Years$150
Appointment with Nurse/PCA & Doctor
Referral for Chest X-ray & Blood test
eMedical Submission
*Note: For Chest X-ray you will be referred to get this completed off-site.

Please note that we are not immigration advisors and are not part of Immigration New Zealand. We know the basic rules around immigration, however it is important that you communicate with Immigration New Zealand if you are uncertain about any part of your application.

When coming for your appointment please bring with you:

  1. Your PASSPORT – without this we cannot do the medical check and you may lose your deposit.
  2. Any relevant medical records you have that may be of use to the Doctor.

Remaining fee for the service to be paid on day of appointment

Note: Please arrive 10 minutes early as you will be asked to sign a consent and declaration form upon arrival, without which we cannot commence your Immigration Medical.  We advise that you take time to read and consider the content of this before coming in for your appointment. A copy of the form can be found by searching “eMedical” at

Chest X Ray – Cost $185 approx. (after appointment with the Doctor)

Please note this cost may vary and is subject to change.

You can choose any Panel Approved Radiology service provider (a list of which can be found by searching “Panel Approved” on the Immigration New Zealand website – The closest approved radiology service provider is Pacific Radiology, located in Wakefield Hospital at 99 Rintoul Street, Newtown.

Blood Tests – Cost $150 approx.  (after appointment with the Doctor)

Please note this cost may vary and is subject to change.

These are done by Awanui Laboratories (address will be at the top of the pathology referral letter the doctor will give you however any Wellington Awanui branch can complete this for you). You do not need to make an appointment. You must return the pathology referral letter (which must be completed by the person taking your samples) back to Newtown Medical Centre after your blood tests so that the Doctor can complete your medical.

If you have agreed to receive email confirmation when the medical is completed, this will happen automatically – otherwise you can enquire with us directly or with Immigration New Zealand.

If you anticipate you will be unwell or menstruating at the time of your appointment, please reschedule.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment you must give us 24 hours’ notice, or you could be liable for a $50 cancellation fee.

If you require any assistance, please call us on (04) 389-9955.You will need to fill out BOTH forms below PRIOR to your appointment.

Immigration Medical Form

DD slash MM slash YYYY
DD slash MM slash YYYY
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Medical type (select all that apply)(Required)
I understand that I must pay a $100.00 deposit. This will be deducted from the immigration medical fee after I finish my immigration medical check(Required)
I understand that I will give 24 hours’ notice to change or cancel the appointment otherwise I will be charged a $50.00 cancellation fee.(Required)
I understand that I understand that without my passport Newtown Medical Centre cannot commence my Immigration Medical.(Required)
I understand that if I cancel my booking an admin fee of $50.00 will be deducted from my deposit.(Required)
I understand that I will only be registered with Newtown Medical Centre as a casual patient.(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Max. file size: 64 MB.

Visa Categories and Subcategories

When filling out your immigration medical form it is very important that you give us the relevant information about which visa categories you are applying under.

The various options are listed below – NB where subcategories are present, one MUST be chosen.

  • Temporary
    • Visitor
    • Student
    • Worker with job offer
    • Worker without job offer
  • Residence
    • Skilled / Business
    • Pacific Categories
    • Family
    • Humanitarian UNHCR
    • Humanitarian other
    • 2021 Resident Visa
  • Work to Residence
    • Worker
    • Family of worker

INZ Medical History Questionnaire

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Have you ever been diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB)? Have you ever had to take treatment for TB?(Required)
Have you ever been in close contact at work or at home with a person known to have TB?(Required)
Have you ever had prolonged medical treatment and/or repeated hospital admissions for any reason, including a major operation or psychiatric illness?(Required)
Do you suffer, or have you ever suffered, from a psychological or psychiatric disorder (including major depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia)?(Required)
Have you ever had an abnormal or reactive HIV blood test?(Required)
Have you ever had an abnormal or reactive Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C blood test?(Required)
Do you have or have you had cancer or malignancy in the last 5 years?(Required)
Do you have diabetes?(Required)
Do you have a heart condition including coronary disease, hypertension, valve or congenital disease?(Required)
Do you have a blood condition (including thalassemia)?(Required)
Do you have bladder or kidney problems?(Required)
Do you have an ongoing physical or intellectual disability affecting your current or future ability to function independently or be able to work full-time (including autism or developmental delay)?(Required)
Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol?(Required)
Are you taking any prescribed pills or medication (excluding oral contraceptives, over-the-counter medication and natural supplements)?(Required)
Do you have a hereditary or autoimmune condition?(Required)
Do you have a neurological condition, including having had a stroke or multiple sclerosis?(Required)
Do you have any significant family health history?(Required)
Are you pregnant? What is the expected date of delivery?(Required)
I declare that I have answered the above questions truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.(Required)
DD slash MM slash YYYY