New Patients

Enrolment Process

New Patient registrations are open again as of today Monday 11 April 2022.

Click on the “Enrol Now” button at the top right hand corner, to complete our electronic enrolment form.


To be eligible to enrol as a patient, you must be a NZ Citizen or a New Zealand Resident.

If you are a New Zealand citizen (this includes people from the Cook Islands, Niue and Tokelau) or resident, you are eligible for the full range of publicly funded health and disability services.

This is also generally the case if you hold a residence class visa; If you hold a work visa that allows you to stay in New Zealand for at least two consecutive years; or you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident staying in New Zealand for two years or more.

International students (on a student visa) are not eligible to enrol and should make sure they have medical insurance. 

Why enrol with Newtown Medical Centre

Enrolment is easy, costs nothing and benefits you, your family and your community.

When you enrol, you pay less for visits to your regular doctor, and you pay just $5 for each subsidised medicine the doctor prescribes for you.

In addition to this, your doctor’s practice will help you take part in prevention programmes, such as cervical and breast screening, and it will send you immunisation reminders for your children.

The practice will help you to manage conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and to address other health-related issues, such as smoking, to achieve a healthy lifestyle.