Introducing Self-Check-In Kiosk at Newtown Medical Centre

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance patient experience and streamline our processes, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of our cutting-edge patient self-check-in kiosk. 

Instead of waiting in line at the reception desk, patients can now use the user-friendly kiosk to check themselves in. Patients can complete the check-in process efficiently and proceed directly to the waiting area, reducing congestion and enhancing the overall efficiency of our clinic.

As we continue to prioritise patient well-being, implementing the self-check-in kiosk offers the advantage of reduced person-to-person contact. This digital solution helps to mitigate the potential transmission of germs and viruses, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment for our patients and staff. 

As always, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals remains committed to delivering the highest quality care in a safe and patient-centered environment. Join us in embracing this digital advancement as we continue to enhance the overall patient experience at Newtown Medical Centre.