Nurses Strike 27 October

Primary Health Care 

October 25th, 2022 

Nurse Strike 27 October: Primary Health Care MECA, Plunket and Healthcare NZ/NZ Care – Value Primary Health Care Nurses

On Thursday 27 October nurses and other members of the nursing team working in GP practices, after hours emergency clinics, Plunket and Healthcare NZ/NZ Care will be on strike from 10am – 2pm.

Nurses working in Primary Health Care have the same skills and qualifications, and their work is of equal worth and importance as their colleagues working in DHBs.

Primary Health Care Nurses support whānau to stay well which in turn reduces pressure on our public hospitals. It’s not right that primary health care nurses are paid less than nurses working in other parts of the health sector. 

Newtown Medical Centre believes in fair wages for all nurses and therefore pays our nursing team in line with the DHB MECA guidelines. We support the strikes being held this week.

Some of our nurses will not be striking, therefore our nursing services will be reduced.