The Wellington Menopause Clinic at Newtown Medical Centre

The Wellington Menopause Clinic is a specialised service offered at Newtown Medical Centre. Designed to address the unique needs of women experiencing menopause, our clinic aims to provide comprehensive care and support during this important life transition.

Led by a team of experienced healthcare professionals, the Wellington Menopause Clinic offers personalised consultations, evidence-based treatments, and expert guidance to manage the various symptoms that can arise during menopause. From hot flashes and mood changes to hormonal adjustments, our clinic is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life during this stage.

Booking an appointment is simple – just visit our website to learn more about the clinic and find information on how to schedule your visit. Take proactive steps towards a healthier, more comfortable menopause journey with the Wellington Menopause Clinic at Newtown Medical Centre. Your well-being is our priority.