Vaccination update

Flu vaccinations 2023

Starting from April 1, 2023, flu vaccines will be available to everyone. If you’re interested in receiving one, please call us to book into our flu vaccine clinic which starts on Wednesday 12th April 2023.

Flu vaccines are free for a variety of groups, including those aged over 65, children aged between 6 months and 12 years old, Maori and Pacific individuals aged 55 years and over, and those with certain health conditions. However, there is an alternative flu vaccine available that is specifically designed for individuals aged over 65. This vaccine contains an ingredient that provides enhanced protection against the flu, but it is not covered by government funding. If you would like to receive this vaccine, you will need to pay a fee, and it will be available at your local pharmacy.

Meningitis B

The meningitis vaccine, Bexero, is now funded and available to all children until they turn 5 years old, it is then available to be purchased if they are 5 years and older. This vaccine will be given at your child’s scheduled immunisation appointments at 3,5 and 12 months old. There will be a catch up programme for 13 -59 month olds available until the 31st August 2025. We will notify you if your child requires this vaccine.

It is also covered for 13 to 25-year-olds entering within the first three months, or in their first year of living who are residing in tertiary hostel accommodation or at boarding school. This is fully funded for these older age groups as is Menactra (Meningococcal A,C,Y & W)

If you or your child or young person falls under these categories, please make an appointment with a nurse.

Prophylactic paracetamol is recommended for children under 2 years because of the risk of high fever. This will be discussed by the nurse before your appointment. For further information visit


The shingles vaccine is only funded for individuals aged 65 only. This vaccine requires two doses, and you must receive your first dose at age 65 to be eligible.

Measles (MMR)

The measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine is free for anyone born after 1969. If you are unsure whether you have received this vaccine, please contact our nursing team to discuss.

Whooping Cough

The whooping cough vaccine is included in the childhood immunization schedule, but it is also funded for individuals aged 45 and 65, pregnant women between 16 and 38 weeks, and strongly recommended for extended family members where a newborn is expected.