Repeat prescriptions can be requested without an appointment. This is only for regular, long term medication you have been prescribed regularly in the past.

You will be required to see your doctor for a review at least 12 monthly. The doctor has a medico-legal responsibility to ensure that appropriate prescribing and the necessary investigations are current to help in the monitoring of the safety of your medications as well as ensuring age appropriate screening is discussed. A script can be issued for a maximum of 3 months’ supply of medication and is only valid for three months from date of issue. For controlled drugs a script may only be issued for a maximum of one month’s supply

Newtown Medical Centre has a paperless system to help support the environment – electronic prescriptions.

This means your prescription will be sent directly to your chosen pharmacy via secure email or a link will be sent to your phone and you can select a pharmacy.

Prescriptions can be ordered via phone, in person via reception, via Manage My Health, or via the website. For the prescription line, please call 04 389 9955 and press 1 to leave a message.

Urgent prescriptions cost $25.00 and they must be requested before 1PM to be processed the same day. All other prescriptions have a standard 48-hour turnaround time. These cost $22 regardless if they are sent to your phone or direct to the pharmacy.

Click here to order your repeat prescription.