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Wellington Menopause Clinic

The Wellington Menopause Clinic is an evidence based scientific clinic which deals with women’s health issues, particularly during the menopausal years. It provides a valuable addition to women for women’s health.


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Register for Manage My Health to be able to book appointments online, request for a repeat of your regular medication and to view your results online.

Virtual Health After Hours

A virtual afterhours service. If you are unwell afterhours, you can book a virtual consult with a doctor, from the comfort of your own home.


Repeat prescriptions can be requested without an appointment. This is only for regular, long term medication you have been prescribed regularly in the past.

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Newtown Medical Centre Dispensary

Newtown Medical Centre Dispensary is located inside the Medical Centre. To get in contact with the pharmacy, feel free to call them on 04 380 0818.

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