Our Fees

Patient Fees

Payment is expected on the day of your appointment. We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Cheque, Visa or Mastercard payments or a regular Automatic payment. Please do not ask for credit. A prepayment option is available with prescriptions and consultations ordered through Manage My Health. Please note our fees are subject to increasing annually.

If you require a receipt email your request to: admin@newtownmc.co.nz

Doctors Consultation Fee increase as of 7 July 2023

Under 14’sNo ChargeNo Charge
14 – 17 years$27.50$13.00
18 – 24 years$45.00$19.50
25 – 44 years$60.00$19.50
45 – 64 years$60.00$19.50
Over 65$51.00$19.50
LTC – 18 plus$19.50$19.50
CSC = Community Services Card
Please note face-to-face and phone consultations will incur the same fee.

Repeat Prescription Fees

Scriptwith CSC
Standard (48 hour turn-around)$22.00$15.00
Urgent Same Day$25.00$25.00
Please note: Urgent same day prescriptions must be requested before 1pm to be processed that day.

Nurse Consultation Fees

Ear Syringe $30.00
ECG $50.00
Flu Vaccine$38.00
Blood Pressure Check$15.00
New patient check with our PCA$15.00
Nurse Consultation $10 – $35
B12 injection$27.50
Cervical Smear (includes speculum fee) $40.00
Cervical Smear with CSC$19.50
Jadelle insertion or removal$200
Jadelle removal and re-insertion$250
Injection Fee$27.50
Liquid Nitrogen$25.00
Dressing Change or Removal of Stitches/SuturesVaries*
*This may be partly covered by ACC if this is the result of an injury or accident.

Medical Examinations

General Immigration Medical*$250
Limited Immigration Medical**$175
U16 Immigration Medical$150
Drivers License Medical $100
Minor Surgery Fee (from)$250
Punch Biopsy$150
* Full immigration medical appointment with a Doctor & Nurse
** X-ray only referral for immigration medical


ACC – No CSC (first and follow up same fee)$35.50
ACC – CSC$19.50