Our People

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Extended Care Paramedic

Dr Jill Shepherd

Dr James Parsons

Dr I-Pen Hsu

Dr Natasha Ramathas

Dr Jane Booth

Dr Susan Bibby

Dr Nikesh Parekh

Dr Anna Chen

Dr Terry Quirke

NP Leah Gordon

NP Lynne Gledstone-Brown

Extended Care Paramedic Tony Howatson


Karen Shonakan – Nurse Manager

Anna Spelman

Holly Sutherland

Caroline Abbott

Megan Tohill

Management and Accounts

Michelle Curel – Business Manager

Sharon Eggers – Operations Manager

Rose Hall – Accounts Administrator

Patient Services

Janet Wall

Kate Kelly

Olivia van Rijswijk

Catherine Rundle

Emily van Voornveld

Clinical Assistants

Anne-Marie Goodwin

Jean van Voornveld

Sue Lata – Primary Care Assistant